1: "Revolve Triangle Pose: Twist away love handles with this energizing yoga pose."

2: "Warrior III Pose: Strengthen your core to tackle stubborn love handles."

3: "Side Plank Pose: Sculpt your obliques for a toned waistline."

4: "Boat Pose: Engage your abs to blast away love handles."

5: "Twisted Chair Pose: Fire up your core for a slim midsection."

6: "Plank Pose: Build a strong core to banish love handles."

7: "Camel Pose: Stretch your side body to trim love handles."

8: "Wind-Relieving Pose: Aid digestion and reduce bloating for a flatter stomach."

9: "Seated Spinal Twist: Detoxify your body and trim your waistline with this yoga move."