1: "Quick Mediterranean snacks for busy moms: hummus with veggies, Greek yogurt with honey, or olives with whole grain crackers."

2: "Satisfying and healthy choices include roasted chickpeas, homemade tzatziki with pita chips, or a fruit and cheese plate."

3: "Boost your energy with almond butter on whole grain toast, cucumber and feta roll-ups, or a handful of nuts and dried fruits."

4: "Stay on track with Mediterranean diet: snack on edamame, quinoa tabbouleh, or a Mediterranean-style trail mix."

5: "Simple and delicious options like stuffed grape leaves, marinated artichoke hearts, or a caprese salad skewer."

6: "Keep things interesting with watermelon feta skewers, Greek quesadillas, or a mini Greek salad in a cucumber cup."

7: "Get creative with Mediterranean-inspired snacks: mini stuffed peppers, grilled halloumi cheese with cherry tomatoes, or a veggie and feta omelette."

8: "Revitalize with marinated olives and cherry tomato skewers, whole grain bruschetta, or a Greek yogurt parfait with berries."

9: "Indulge guilt-free in dark chocolate dipped strawberries, Mediterranean spiced popcorn, or a roasted red pepper and hummus wrap."