1: Discover the top 13 most valuable Roosevelt dimes worth millions. Learn about rare dates and mint marks that can fetch a fortune.

2: 1950-S dime tops the list with only a few known to exist. Keep an eye out for these gems in your pocket change.

3: Look out for the 1964 Special Mint Set dime. It's a rare find and can command a high price at auction.

4: The 1949-S silver dime is another valuable coin to add to your collection. Its scarcity makes it highly sought after by collectors.

5: Keep an eye out for the 1968 no-S proof dime. This error coin is one of the most valuable Roosevelt dimes ever discovered.

6: The 1975 no-S proof dime is also a highly prized coin among collectors. Be on the lookout for this rare variation.

7: The 1982 no-P dime is a key date that is worth checking for in your collection. Its rarity makes it a valuable addition.

8: The 2009-S silver dime is another valuable coin to be on the lookout for. Its low mintage and high demand make it a prized find.

9: In conclusion, keep an eye out for these valuable Roosevelt dimes in your collection. They could be worth millions to the right buyer.