1: Spotting rare coins at garage sales takes practice and patience, but the thrill of a big find is worth it!

2: Look for unique markings, patina, and rarity when examining coins at garage sales. These are key indicators of value.

3: Don't be afraid to ask sellers about the history of their coins. You may uncover hidden gems that others have overlooked.

4: Educate yourself on different types of rare coins and their value. This knowledge will help you spot valuable finds.

5: Keep an eye out for limited edition or commemorative coins. These often carry a higher value to collectors.

6: Develop relationships with sellers to gain access to their latest coin collections. Networking can lead to great opportunities.

7: Attend local coin shows or join a coin club to connect with like-minded collectors. You never know what you might learn!

8: Use a magnifying glass or loupe to examine coins up close. Details like mint marks or errors can significantly increase value.

9: Remember, spotting rare coins takes practice and persistence. Enjoy the hunt and let your passion guide you to big finds!