1: 1. Use as a hair mask for deep conditioning and shine. 2. Mix with sugar for a gentle lip scrub. 3. Apply as a natural makeup remover. 4. Use as a cuticle oil for healthier nails.

2: 5. Try oil pulling for oral health benefits. 6. Use as a body moisturizer for silky smooth skin. 7. Mix with essential oils for a relaxing massage oil. 8. Apply to eyebrows for growth and conditioning.

3: 9. Use as a natural shaving cream for a smooth shave. 10. Apply to dry elbows and knees for hydration. 11. Mix with coffee grounds for a stimulating body scrub. 12. Use as a highlighter for a dewy glow.

4: 13. Apply to eyelashes for lengthening and conditioning. 14. Mix with aloe vera for a soothing after-sun treatment. 15. Use as a hair serum to tame frizz and flyaways. 16. Apply to dry, cracked heels for softening and healing.

5: 17. Use as a natural deodorant for odor protection. 18. Mix with baking soda for a DIY toothpaste. 19. Apply to sunburn for soothing relief. 20. Use as a scalp treatment for dryness and dandruff.

6: 21. Mix with shea butter for a homemade body lotion. 22. Apply to acne-prone skin for calming and healing. 23. Use as a primer before applying makeup. 24. Mix with honey for a hydrating face mask.

7: 25. Apply to razor bumps for soothing relief. 26. Use as a massage oil for relaxation. 27. Mix with sea salt for a rejuvenating body scrub. 28. Apply to scars for fading and healing.

8: 29. Use as a natural cuticle oil for healthier nails. 30. Apply to dry, damaged hair for hydration and repair. 31. Mix with oatmeal for a gentle face cleanser. 32. Use as a lip balm for soft, moisturized lips.

9: 33. Apply to sunburn for cooling and healing relief. 34. Use as a natural insect repellent. 35. Mix with avocado for a nourishing hair mask. 36. Apply to hands for softening and hydration.