1: Start your day with a Magnesium-rich Mediterranean breakfast for weight loss success.

2: Avocado toast topped with feta and tomatoes is a quick and nutritious choice.

3: Greek yogurt with honey and nuts is a satisfying and magnesium-packed option.

4: A smoothie bowl with spinach, banana, and almonds is a refreshing and nutritious breakfast.

5: Eggs cooked in olive oil with spinach and feta provide protein and magnesium.

6: Chia pudding with berries and almonds is a make-ahead, magnesium-rich breakfast.

7: Oatmeal topped with nuts and seeds is a fiber-packed way to start your day.

8: Whole grain toast with nut butter and sliced banana is a simple and tasty option.

9: Quinoa cooked with dried fruit and nuts is a protein-rich and magnesium-packed breakfast.