1: 1. Fertilize Your Plants Crushed eggshells make great natural fertilizer for your garden.

2: 2. Pest Deterrent Sprinkle crushed eggshells around your plants to keep pests away.

3: 3. Seed Starters Use eggshells as biodegradable seed starters for your vegetable garden.

4: 4. Coffee Ground Cleaner Add crushed eggshells to coffee grounds to naturally clean your coffee pot.

5: 5. Calcium Boost Crushed eggshells can provide a calcium boost to your compost pile.

6: 6. Art and Crafts Turn eggshells into beautiful mosaics or dye them for Easter decorations.

7: 7. Skin Exfoliant Use finely ground eggshells as a gentle exfoliant for your skin.

8: 8. Bird Feeders Fill eggshells with birdseed for a fun and eco-friendly bird feeder.

9: 9. DIY Chalk Make your own sidewalk chalk using leftover eggshells and a few other ingredients.