1: "Indulge in layers of savory ground beef, rice, and cabbage in this comforting casserole dish."

2: "Try a vegetarian twist with lentils, quinoa, and cabbage baked to perfection in a creamy sauce."

3: "Add a Mexican flair with spicy chorizo, black beans, and cabbage for a flavorful twist on a classic."

4: "Enjoy a healthier option with turkey, brown rice, and cabbage in a light and satisfying casserole."

5: "Get a taste of the Mediterranean with lamb, pearl couscous, and cabbage in a zesty tomato sauce."

6: "Give your casserole a kick with Cajun spices, shrimp, and cabbage for a mouthwatering meal."

7: "Take a trip to Asia with soy- and ginger-glazed pork, sticky rice, and cabbage in a sweet and savory dish."

8: "Elevate your casserole game with smoked sausage, cheesy potatoes, and cabbage for a hearty meal."

9: "Finish off with a classic twist on stuffed cabbage rolls in a convenient casserole form."