1: Introduction Discover the 8 rare bicentennial quarters worth 25 million and 5 more valued over 10 million USD.

2: 1976 No S Proof Bicentennial Quarter This rare quarter is valued at 25 million USD due to its limited mintage.

3: 1974-D Quarter Struck on Aluminum A unique error coin worth over 10 million USD for its composition.

4: 1974 Washington Quarter With a mintage of only a few, this quarter is valued at 11 million USD.

5: 1964-D Peace Quarter An error coin minted in 1964, now worth 12 million USD.

6: 1975 No Mint Mark Bicentennial Quarter This quarter without a mint mark is valued at 16 million USD.

7: 1976 Double Die Bicentennial Quarter A double die error coin worth 17 million USD.

8: 1974 Aluminum Quarter This mint error coin is valued at 18 million USD for its material.

9: Conclusion These rare bicentennial quarters and more are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.