1: Transformers G1 Optimus Prime: A vintage toy that can fetch thousands of dollars in good condition.

2: Hot Wheels Redline: Rare cars like the pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb can go for over $1000.

3: Vintage Barbie Dolls: Early editions like the #1 Ponytail Barbie can sell for thousands at auction.

4: LEGO Sets: Limited edition sets like the Millennium Falcon can be worth hundreds, even thousands.

5: Nintendo Game Boy: The original model can sell for over $500, especially in good condition.

6: Furby: The original 1998 version can bring in up to $500 for collectors.

7: Cabbage Patch Kids: Certain rare vintage dolls, like the original Xavier Roberts, can command high prices.

8: Star Wars Action Figures: Rare figures from the original line can be worth hundreds, even thousands.

9: Pokemon Cards: First edition cards like Charizard can sell for tens of thousands, especially in mint condition.