1: 1. Eggs are bad for your health 2. Eggs raise cholesterol levels 3. Egg yolks are unhealthy

2: 4. Eating eggs leads to heart disease 5. Eggs are full of harmful bacteria 6. Eggs are not a good source of protein

3: 7. Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs 8. Eating eggs increases the risk of cancer 9. Eggs should be avoided for weight loss

4: 10. Raw eggs are safe to consume 11. Egg whites are more nutritious than yolks 12. Eggs are high in calories

5: 13. Eggs should be stored in the fridge door 14. Eggs should not be eaten daily 15. Eggs are bad for the environment

6: 16. Eggs have no nutritional value 17. Eating eggs is harmful to your skin 18. Eggs are not good for pregnant women

7: 19. Eggs can be eaten at any time of day 20. Eggs should be washed before eating 21. Eggs are a cause of food allergies

8: 22. Eggshells are clean and safe to touch 23. Eating eggs can lead to diabetes 24. Eggs are not safe for children

9: 25. Eggs should be avoided if you have high blood pressure 26. Eggs can be consumed raw with no risks 27. Egg consumption leads to digestive issues.