1: Start your day right with these five quick and easy FODMAP diet breakfast hacks.

2: Whip up a delicious smoothie bowl in just 10 minutes for a nutritious morning meal.

3: Overnight oats are a time-saving breakfast option that can be customized to fit your FODMAP needs.

4: Grab a pre-made FODMAP-friendly breakfast sandwich for a satisfying on-the-go option.

5: Avocado toast with gluten-free bread is a simple yet flavorful breakfast hack to try.

6: Make a batch of low FODMAP muffins ahead of time for a grab-and-go breakfast option.

7: Mix berries and lactose-free yogurt for a quick and refreshing FODMAP-friendly parfait.

8: Have a protein-packed egg muffin ready in just 10 minutes for a satisfying breakfast.

9: Start your day stress-free with these five easy and delicious FODMAP diet breakfast ideas.