1: Need help picking the perfect watermelon? Look no further! Follow these expert tips for selecting the juiciest, sweetest one.

2: Start by giving it a good tap. A ripe watermelon should sound hollow. If it's dull, move on to the next one.

3: Check for a creamy yellow spot on the bottom. This is where it sat on the ground and should be a deep color.

4: Inspect the stem. If it's green, it means the watermelon is fresh. A brown stem indicates it's past its prime.

5: Opt for a symmetrical shape with no soft spots or bruising. This ensures an evenly ripe fruit.

6: Size matters! Choose a watermelon that feels heavy for its size. This indicates a high water content.

7: Give it a gentle squeeze. A ripe watermelon should have a slight give to it without being too soft.

8: Trust your nose! A ripe watermelon will have a sweet, fragrant scent. If it smells off, it's not fresh.

9: Now that you know how to pick the perfect watermelon, head to the store armed with these tips and enjoy the juiciest fruit all summer long.