1: Justin Timberlake's highly-anticipated new album just missed multiple Hot 100 hits.

2: Fans eagerly awaited the release of Timberlake's latest project, hoping for chart-topping success.

3: Despite falling short of multiple Hot 100 hits, the album still garnered critical acclaim.

4: Timberlake's musical talent shines through on every track of his new album.

5: Listeners can't get enough of Timberlake's smooth vocals and catchy beats.

6: Even without dominating the charts, Timberlake's new album is a must-listen for fans.

7: Critics praise Timberlake's innovative sound and bold artistic choices on his latest project.

8: Timberlake's new album proves that he continues to push the boundaries of his music.

9: Despite not achieving multiple Hot 100 hits, Timberlake's new album solidifies his status as a music industry legend.