1: 1. The ‘NCIS’ episode “Shabbat Shalom” is a must-watch for Tony and Ziva fans.

2: 2. “Berlin” is an intense episode that showcases the chemistry between Tony and Ziva.

3: 3. In “Truth or Consequences,” Tony and Ziva are put in a life-threatening situation.

4: 4. “Under Covers” features Tony and Ziva going undercover as a married couple.

5: 5. The tension between Tony and Ziva reaches a peak in “Recoil.”

6: 6. “A Man Walks into a Bar” is a classic episode that highlights Tony and Ziva’s banter.

7: 7. “Jet Lag” features Tony and Ziva in Paris, where their feelings for each other become clear.

8: 8. In “Bury Your Dead,” Tony and Ziva deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

9: 9. The final season episode “Past, Present, and Future” reflects on Tony and Ziva’s complicated relationship.