1: After faking her death, Ziva reunites with Tony in NCIS, sparking rumors about their romantic relationship.

2: Fans speculate about Ziva and Tony rekindling their love as they work together on a new mission.

3: The emotional reunion between Ziva and Tony leaves fans hopeful for a happy ending.

4: Chemistry between Ziva and Tony intensifies as they team up to take down a dangerous criminal.

5: Tony's unwavering loyalty to Ziva proves their bond is unbreakable, despite the challenges they face.

6: Ziva's return brings closure to fans who have been eagerly waiting for her to reunite with Tony.

7: The unresolved tension between Ziva and Tony leaves fans wondering if they will finally confess their feelings.

8: Ziva's decision to fake her death leads to a dramatic reunion with Tony, igniting passion between them.

9: As Ziva and Tony fight side by side, it becomes clear that their love for each other never diminished.