1: NCIS star Michael Weatherly is thrilled for TonyZiva spinoff premiering at Paramount in April 2024.

2: Excitement is high as fans anticipate more surprises and drama in the upcoming spinoff series.

3: Weatherly promises a rollercoaster of emotions as Tony and Ziva's story continues to unfold.

4: Get ready for jaw-dropping moments and unexpected twists in the years-long awaited spinoff.

5: Paramount's April 2024 premiere marks a new chapter in the NCIS universe for loyal viewers.

6: Weatherly expresses gratitude for the continued support from fans eagerly awaiting the spinoff.

7: Don't miss out on the highly-anticipated TonyZiva spinoff, coming soon to Paramount in April 2024.

8: Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights leading up to the premiere date.

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