1: NCIS fans were shocked when Ducky's tribute hinted at a Tony and Ziva spinoff coming to Paramount in March 2024.

2: The beloved character, Ducky, secretly set up the spinoff, leaving fans excited for what's to come.

3: Speculation is running wild about what adventures Tony and Ziva will face in their own show.

4: Many are wondering how Ducky's tribute will tie into the new spinoff series.

5: Fans can't wait to see their favorite NCIS characters in a new setting at Paramount in March 2024.

6: The spinoff promises to bring new excitement and drama to the NCIS universe.

7: With Ducky's secret setup, Tony and Ziva's spinoff is sure to be a hit with fans.

8: Paramount is gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of the NCIS spinoff in March 2024.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on the Tony and Ziva spinoff and Ducky's surprising tribute on NCIS Season 21.