1: Grilled Greek Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce.

2: Lemon Herb Grilled Salmon with a Side of Hummus.

3: Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Platter with Feta Cheese.

4: Grilled Lamb Kofta Kebabs with a Mint Yogurt Sauce.

5: Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Kabobs with a Lemon Garlic Marinade.

6: Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Watermelon and Balsamic Glaze.

7: Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa and Feta Cheese.

8: Mediterranean Grilled Swordfish with Olive Tapenade.

9: Grilled Octopus with Lemon and Oregano Dressing.