1: Simone Biles, the Olympic gymnast, bids farewell to husband Jonathan Owens for a six-week training camp.

2: Biles is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, where she hopes to make history once again.

3: The athlete and her NFL player husband will be apart as she focuses on her training.

4: Biles shared the heartfelt goodbye on social media, expressing her love for Owens.

5: The couple's bond remains strong despite the distance, supporting each other's goals.

6: Biles is determined to give her all in training, aiming for gold at the Olympics.

7: Owens shows his unwavering support for Biles as she pursues her dreams on the world stage.

8: Fans rally behind the power couple, cheering on Biles in her Olympic journey.

9: The couple's love and support for each other shine through even when miles apart.