1: Meet the top-paid models of 2024. From runway to campaigns, these stars are dominating the fashion industry.

2: Leading the pack is Bella Hadid, earning millions from brands like Dior and Bulgari.

3: Kendall Jenner follows closely, with lucrative deals from Calvin Klein and Longchamp.

4: Gigi Hadid secures her spot with Versace and Tommy Hilfiger partnerships.

5: Kaia Gerber is on the rise, landing major contracts with Chanel and Prada.

6: Adut Akech shines bright with Estée Lauder and Valentino collaborations.

7: Jordan Barrett makes waves in male modeling with roles for Versace and Balmain.

8: Liu Wen continues to inspire as a top-paid Asian model for Chanel and H&M.

9: The future looks bright for these models as they redefine success in the industry.