1: "The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira binge Bridgerton for romantic inspiration"

2: "Fans excited for Rick and Michonne spinoff after stars' research into regency romance"

3: "Lincoln and Gurira immerse themselves in Bridgerton for unique chemistry"

4: "Rickmichonne shippers rejoice at actors' dedication to their characters' love story"

5: "Lincoln and Gurira's method acting approach thrills Walking Dead loyalists"

6: "Bridgerton's romantic allure influencing upcoming Rick and Michonne series"

7: "Fans speculate on possible regency-era storyline for beloved Walking Dead couple"

8: "Lincoln and Gurira's behind-the-scenes research promises epic romantic saga"

9: "Stay tuned for more updates on Rickmichonne spinoff's romantic revelations"