1: 1. Edge and Lita's steamy kiss leaves fans shocked. 2. John Cena and Maria's unexpected lip lock. 3. Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon's controversial kiss.

2: 4. Triple H plants a kiss on Stephanie McMahon. 5. Kurt Angle steals a kiss from Stephanie McMahon.

3: 6. CM Punk and AJ Lee's unexpected kiss. 7. Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee's surprising lip lock.

4: 8. The Miz and Maria's unexpected kiss. 9. John Morrison and Melina's shocking lip lock.

5: 10. Vince McMahon kisses Trish Stratus in a surprising moment.

6: 11. Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon share a shocking kiss.

7: 12. Shawn Michaels and Stephanie McMahon's unexpected kiss.

8: 13. Edge and Vickie Guerrero's controversial lip lock.

9: 14. CM Punk kisses Paul Heyman's client, Curtis Axel.