1: Explore the best whiskies for a Manhattan cocktail experience. From smooth bourbons to rich ryes, these picks will elevate your drink game.

2: Buffalo Trace Bourbon offers a balanced flavor profile, perfect for a classic Manhattan. Its notes of vanilla and caramel add depth to your cocktail.

3: Try Bulleit Rye for a spicy kick in your Manhattan. This bold whiskey complements sweet vermouth and bitters, creating a well-rounded drink.

4: Woodford Reserve Bourbon is another great choice for a Manhattan. With hints of dried fruit and vanilla, this whiskey adds complexity to your cocktail.

5: High West Double Rye is a unique option for a Manhattan. Its blend of young and aged rye whiskeys creates a dynamic flavor profile.

6: Rittenhouse Rye is a versatile whiskey for a Manhattan. Its bold and spicy character pairs well with the sweetness of vermouth in this cocktail.

7: Michter's Straight Rye offers a smooth and approachable option for a Manhattan. Its balanced flavor profile will enhance the overall taste of your drink.

8: Angel's Envy Bourbon provides a rich and velvety base for a Manhattan. Its notes of maple and oak add a layer of complexity to your cocktail.

9: Experiment with these whiskies to create the perfect Manhattan. Elevate your cocktail game and impress your guests with these top-notch spirit selections.